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5 online jewelry stores with matching styles for female celebrities

by AdminQuickstart (0bc31220) 31 Jan 2024

I'm really obsessed with Yang Caiyu recently. Every time she appears, she gives people a gentle and friendly feeling. The soft yet slightly mature appearance and the attractive and down-to-earth combination are perfect for us ordinary girls to learn from. Her outfit is based on French style mixed with a hint of retro Hong Kong flavor, and the most important thing is the blessing of pearl accessories.

The overall accessories have a very retro feel. The surface of the Baroque pearls has a misty texture, and the texture is great. Because almost no pearls of the opposite sex have the same shape, even if many people buy the same style, they look unique when worn.

She is very good at mixing textured metal and heterosexual pearls, which not only adds design thought, but also makes the accessories look more advanced. I particularly like the combination of gold + white pearls, which makes the skin very fair.

Many of its home-use pearls are freshwater pearls, and there are also combinations of freshwater pearls and seawater pearls. The cheapest style can be bought for about 450 yuan, which is affordable for ordinary girls. Some accessories are the same for men and women, which are great as accessories for couples. They are perfect gifts for your partner during the holidays.


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