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Even my mother wanted to wear the beautiful jewelry that cost hundreds of dollars!

by AdminQuickstart (0bc31220) 31 Jan 2024

This year, the trend of new Chinese style is getting stronger and stronger. Seeing that everyone is starting to buy upper body, I am also ready to make a move!

We wrote about new Chinese-style hairstyles before, and many friends urged us to share more new Chinese-style items. For me, new Chinese-style accessories are the most practical, not so fussy, and can be used to support dates at work and can be used anywhere~

As for the one that represents Chinese style, maintains value, and is not easy to become outdated or deteriorate, I first thought of Hetian jade.

Old people also often say: Hetian jade is one of the four famous jade pictures in China. Its texture is as soft as fat and its culture is rich. People nourish jade and jade nourishes people. Think of the jade bracelets on your mother’s or grandma’s hands. If you buy one, you can wear it for a lifetime~

It's just that people in the new era don't like the arrogant style that jade has given them in the past, so this time I have selected some Hetian jade accessories that are suitable for daily commuting and are more gentle and youthful in design.

The old rules and selection criteria are still good quality that you can buy with your eyes closed: the brand is reliable and guaranteed by a certificate.

Laokeng Hetian jade from Qinghai has excellent texture, ice-cold, translucent, fine and uniform, and is of high quality and collection value~





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