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Girls can’t live without pearls, they can wear jewelry for a lifetime!

by AdminQuickstart (0bc31220) 31 Jan 2024

Most people think of pearls as mother’s necklaces.

I think pearls are a richer and more aged aesthetic.

But in the past two years, pearls have become popular.

Especially after being worn out of the circle by a female star like Ni Ni who likes pearls.

Pearls have become popular with their casual feel and versatile functions.

I have been completely obsessed with pearls since last year!

I bought all kinds of pearls one after another

It can be considered that I have been researching it for a while.

Today I will talk to you about this article: Pearls

According to geological and archaeological research, there were already pearls on the earth 200 million years ago.

Due to the natural nurturing of nature, pearls come in various shapes, mostly close to round and baroque. With human intervention and cultivation, the pearl is getting closer to a perfect circle!






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