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I was fascinated by other people’s affordable jewelry again! Why are you so good at digging for treasure~

by AdminQuickstart (0bc31220) 31 Jan 2024

This article was also written unintentionally. On that day, the intern Daodao’s accessories were so beautiful that a group of us girls surrounded him and kept asking for links, wishing to empty out his wealth.

🙋Daodao is a perfume fan, a jewelry fan, and a fan of Ahua. He has been an intern in the Ahua video team before. Now a senior in college, he works three jobs a week to make money to support his hobbies. He loves niche designer brands and second-hand models. They are not expensive but have a sense of design. He likes silver jewelry and pearls~

It took him a few days to get him to select a few items in the jewelry box that he could wear daily and be happy and inexpensive to share. The prices are mostly between 100 and 1,000. They are not in conflict with each other and look good. Sisters who like new Chinese style and niche styles will definitely like it ~

One night, Hao Bai was busy working on a manuscript at the company. He looked up and saw a shining hand in the tea room from a distance. He came over and saw my little butterfly, and asked for the link on the spot~

Here! It's this little butterfly with a sense of fragmentation and a fairy spirit. 🦋




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