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Inventory: What are the benefits of wearing jewelry? This answer is interesting!

by AdminQuickstart (0bc31220) 31 Jan 2024

Human body decoration function

Jewelry is a product that combines human body decorations and works of art, and is a carrier for people to express their beauty. The design and craftsmanship of jewelry convey certain ideological and cultural connotations. For example, the yearning for nature, the recollection of traditional culture, the reflection on modern civilization, the exploration of the human spiritual level, etc.; and the wearer of jewelry conveys the pursuit of cultural taste, emotions and interests.

social function

The social function of jewelry was gradually formed after the concepts of class and private ownership emerged. In the prehistoric "Datong" society, all wealth was publicly owned. Once class differentiation appeared in the clan tribe, the powerful ruling class in the tribe would May take all useful wealth for himself. The already rare body ornaments are owned by a few people, and gradually become a symbol of identity and status, pursued and yearned for by the majority of people. In a highly hierarchical society, jewelry is more of a political class function. Even in the Middle Ages in the West, it was stipulated that only princes and nobles could wear diamonds.

religious function

In our country's traditional culture, the wearing of jewelry must not only reflect traditional moral norms, but also conform to the etiquette forms stipulated in folk customs. With the emergence of witchcraft and religion, jewelry has been endowed with a religious function. Even in a certain period of time and in a specific cultural background, its role exceeds the original and fundamental decorative function of jewelry. It is also affected by religious beliefs and totem worship. restrictions.


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